Breathe and focus, beautiful girl.

I’m still looking for that carefree, happy girl I used to be.

I know it’d be better to stop searching for her and she’ll more likely come back to me. But if I do that, I’m afraid I’ll get lost in the day to day monotony. Work. Bills. Drinks.

just die

So how to escape that monotony? I have all these wants, dreams, and desires. That’s what the Why Not Experience is all about. So why do I still feel so stuck and lacking motivation?

What am I here for? What does this life mean? Sometimes the questions completely fill my brain, twisting, turning, spinning. Everything feels so wrong. I feel so lost. I’m drowning. I just want to scream.


It’s time to stop thinking and questioning so damn much. Just take it a day at a time.

Focus. One foot in front of the other and you canย slowly climb out of the water.

It’s time to stop feeling so absent and remember how to soar. This is my February Focus list, in hopes that I can do just that.

  1. Work out. It makes you feel good.
  2. Be damn independent. You so are.
  3. What about those hobbies and interests? Life isn’t all about work and partying.
  4. Friends/family. You need them. You love them. Don’t forget about them.
  5. Unplug. Get off Facebook and stop being mindlessly on the computer.
  6. Smile so freaking big it hurts. Even when it hurts to smile.

What do you want to focus on in February? Is anyone else out there feeling so completely lost?


Be you. So perfectly.


When I first stumbled upon this quote, I silently screamed to myself, “yes, hell yes!” Then I shared it with anyone that would listen. And honestly, no one seemed nearly as excited.

But more than a year later, I’m still silently screaming my excitement. Be yourself. Love yourself. And who cares about anyone else? Because if they’re judging you and not embracing your full, beautiful, fantastic self, why the hell do you want to be around them anyway?

Move on and keep doing you as you were born to do.

Hello reader. How are you today?

Why do I write here, for all to see? Why not just keep a personal journal of my experiences?

My aim is to share and hopefully inspire. To find others who feel a passion for living outside the normal. To encourage others to forgo the expected. There is so much life to live outside the four walls of work and home. We’re so connected, yet so disconnected at the same time. Put down the phone, step away from the TV. Get outside, breathe in some mountain air. Look at the stars. Learn something new. Talk to strangers and really listen to what they’re saying. It will feel good, I promise.

These aspirations are easy to forget, routine is so much easier to slip into. Break it with me. I will hold you accountable if you do the same for me.

I am also writing to my future self. To promote a lifetime of setting goals and really going for them. And not just until I’m 30. This is not my last hurrah, this is just the beginning.